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Fifth Grade


Hill Middle School Band Information

Information for students in 5th grade regarding band, chorus, and orchestra enrollment can be found at the following web site:


Language Arts

  • Reading: Comprehend, evaluate, and appreciate age appropriate materials; interpret and make inferences about written materials; develop a positive attitude toward reading 
  • Writing: Write in a variety of styles for a variety of audiences and purposes using the 6 Traits of Writing Philosophy
  • Listening: Direct attention to what is heard and organize thoughts to make an appropriate response 
  • Speaking: Organize and present ideas; speak for a specific purpose in various presentation formats 
  • Convention/Structure: Write standard English in a grammatical, well-organized manner using conventions of language 
  • Spelling: use developmental spelling skills; proofread written work for spelling errors


  • Number sense: Understand number meanings and relationships among numbers; understand number operations
  • Geometry: Develop an understanding of 2- and 3-dimensional objects; measure different aspects of shapes; understand how shapes are related to one another
  • Measurement: Use customary and metric measures to determine length, area, volume, and weight
  • Operations and computation: Use a variety of computational strategies; apply the fundamental operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals
  • Patterns and relationships: Identify patterns and relationships in numbers, operations, geometry, and measurement to classify and organize information
  • Probability and statistics: Collect, organize, describe, and interpret data using realistic situations

Social Studies

  • Content: study the history of the United States from the last Ice Age to the present
  • Skills: use maps, conduct research, develop study skills

Science & Health

  • Content: participate in hands-on activities in the following areas:
  • Astronomy: planetarium
  • Earth Science: weather
  • Health: digestion and drug education
  • Life Science: small life with a microscope
  • Physical Science: electricity and magnetism
  • Skills:
    - predict
    - observe
    - collect and record data
    - interpret
    - classify
    - draw conclusions
    - formulate hypothesis and models
    - experiment

Physical Education

  • Object Control: Demonstrate catch/fielding, underhand volleyball serve, side arm strike, chest pass, bounce pass, and overhead strike.
  • Physical Fitness: Develop leg strength, arm/shoulder strength, holding/carrying, lifting/lowering, pulling/pushing, posture, and personal conditioning.
  • Social Skills: Develop sportsmanship.
  • Body Management: Demonstrate rope climbing, partner stunts, dynamic balances, and stunt combination.
  • Game, Sport, and Leisure skills: Soccer: dribble, single-leg trap, foot trap, chest trap, tackle, corner kick. Softball: base running, pitching, fielding, and batting.


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